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Building a new home can be a daunting task. There are a lot of emotions that go into the construction and design process; stress in finding the right builder, lot, and proper budget; excitement in seeing your dream home come to life; and fear that the process may not come together the way you envisioned or hope. To ease your nerves, Brad Moore Builders provides an overview of our building process. Keep in mind that this is not to be viewed or taken as a step by step process, but rather as a generic overview of how we structure our building process. Most importantly, we provided a no obligation, complimentary initial consultation at your convenience.


Determining the overall look, feel, and location of a new custom home is usually the easiest step. We love to brainstorm with clients and help turn ideas and concepts into a tangible reality. Many clients have already purchased a lot or know the general location in which they would like to build. However, there are clients that have not chosen the location in which to build their dream residence.


In these cases, Brad Moore Builders has a list of highly regarded real estate agents with whom we commonly work. Brad Moore Builders is more than happy to refer you to an agent that can aid in the research and purchase of a lot.


The design part of building your new, custom residence is always the fun part. Brad Moore Builders will work closely with your designer or architect. Not sure who to choose for the design process? We have many talented architects and designers to which we can refer you.


Once the final plans have been decided, including major fixtures and materials, you will receive a general price. There are always fluctuations – up or down – with pricing that is determined upon the client’s change in design, upgrading or downgrading materials, and other unforeseen developments. However, the goal at Brad Moore Builders is to stick with the final, predetermined budget.


Whether you have the ability to pay a large down payment, can pay off your entire custom home in cash, or you need to pay off your home over time, the finance portion of building is always a stressful matter. Brad Moore Builders has a trustworthy list of preferred financing lenders that we worked with numerous years.


Now is the time that construction can finally begin on the home of your dreams! During this time, there may be modifications or special features you would like to implement. No matter what the change, Brad Moore Builders will work closely with you throughout the entire building process to ensure that your new home is just as you envisioned!

Brad Moore Builders Qualifications

We are proud to say that Brad Moore Builders is a certified Green Professional, helping countless clients build not only a beautiful custom home, but a green home. Our 20 plus years of experience has allowed Brad Moore Builders to construct a variety of custom residences for an array of clients. We are a registered Texas builder and a fully insured general contractor. Each of our custom built homes is backed by a 10 year structural home warranty.

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